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–Viva La Bloggiesta!

Bloggiesta Sept 2015I somewhat dropped the ball with my blog posts. Oops. I’ve had all sorts of other commitments … but don’t we all?

But, I’m turning over a new book leaf and looking to Bloggiesta for insight and inspiration. This event, which runs through Sunday, offers amazing advice on key blog improvement topics, everything from Building an Email List to TweetDeck to Search Engine Optimization to Digital Photography and many more. There’s also a primer on basics for new bloggers.

The team behind this is a pretty sophisticated and successful bunch of bloggers. So whether you are a new blogger or have been at it a while, you can find a helpful (and generous!) stream of information and resources. Bloggiesta makes it fun via mini-challenges and twitter chats. But all of this is archived and accessible at their website … even topics and challenges from all the previous Bloggiestas. It’s a veritable encyclopedia of blogging … available to all!

In particular, I found the Creating Post Templates for More Streamlined Blogging mini-challenge extremely helpful. Now I can create templates and just upload the content without clicking all the Word Press options or writing html to create each post. Clutch! I’ve had a lot of experience working with html so I was just coding the blogs via the html option. Timesuck. Templates sound so easy but it does take some time to figure this out on your own via the idiosyncracies of WordPress. Trish from Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity gives a step-by-step instruction complete with screen shots and useful tips.

My Bloggiesta To Do List:

–create templates as part of the mini-challenge

–crank out a few advance posts so I am not writing them on the fly

–write up an edit calendar for scheduling said posts
(I did this when I first started blogging and it really helps.)

–post one blog a week going forward

This is behind-the-scenes stuff, so by next spring’s Bloggiesta my To Do List will be more whiz-bang.

To learn more or to participate, check out Bloggiesta.com or @Bloggiesta or #Bloggiesta.

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